Child TherapistIf you are like most transsexual and (TG) transgendered people you may be depressed or have a great deal of anxiety with your condition or even suicidal thoughts. Transgendered folks have the highest incidents of suicide of any groups. Some estimates put the pre-op suicide rate at 50%.

If you are (TS) transsexual you will need a gender therapist to guide you through the process of transition, obtaining hormones and surgery SRS, GRS for sex reassignment. Whether you are MTF, male to female or FTM, female to male a psychotherapist makes sense. Most surgeons follow the HBGDIA WPATH Standards of Care for transsexuals so a gender therapist is mandatory.

The following list is a compilation of gender therapists, transsexual therapists and transgendered therapists both for male to female (MTF) and female to male (FTM) Transsexuals and (CD) crossdressers.