Patricia Jenkins MSW, is the founding psychotherapist counsellors & practitioners at the Northampton MA and have YEARS years experience as psychotherapists, counselling people struggling with emotional and psychological difficulties.

At Northampton MA, Patricia Jenkins MSW is the child psychotherapist counsellor, practice psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive analytic psychotherapy, focused, short term therapy, stress counselling and couples therapy. Together with the client, the psychotherapists build a therapy that is best suited to the individual’s needs.

Now, more than ever, people are recognising the need to explore difficult feelings with a professional, qualified therapist. At Northampton MA, Patricia Jenkins MSW is the therapists are fully qualified and accredited. Clients are treated professionally, without judgement, and in the knowledge that they are in a completely confidential environment.

Talking to a psychotherapist, or counsellor, can help relieve psychological symptoms, generate change and so bring about a greater sense of wellbeing.  With these goals in mind, Patricia Jenkins MSW offers short term individual counselling and long term individual psychotherapy, tailored to suit your needs. Within the practice, we also offer a stress counselling, couples therapy and adult family counselling.

If you are feeling depressed, anxious, lonely, stuck and down on your luck, you’ve come to the right place. I am a licensed psychotherapist and can help with depression, anxiety, stress, relationship and work problems, OCD, sexual abuse, adjustment problems, attachment disorder and cultural issues.

Patricia Jenkins MSW speciality is helping with anxiety, low self esteem as well as  personality disorders.

In therapy we explore together the symptoms and emotions that are connected to your difficulties and bringing them to light, we create an awareness of the behavioral dynamics in your life. The feelings become easier to manage and the insights you gain will be applied to improve your everyday life.

For many people psychotherapy is the first step to study the self. Only by studying ourselves are we able to know what we want from life. And only when we know what we want and need can we be truly compassionate towards ourselves and others.