Patricia Jenkins MSW is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Social Worker providing psychotherapy services for individuals of all ages in Northampton MA area. Phone: (413) 584-2590 


Patricia Jenkins MSW

Helping one or two heal a relationship could be a fully completely different method than serving to a private “find themselves.” If you would like facilitate along with your wedding, you don’t simply need a skilled to listen; you would like somebody with the boldness and therefore the ability to produce a transparent path to healing and who isn’t keep regarding holding you and your spouse accountable to it. In short, you would like leadership. You would like direction. you would like somebody to inform you what to do…what’s worked for alternative couples. Wedding counseling typically fails during this regard. wedding Fitness, on the opposite hand, provides a transparent and proven step-by-step system for renewing your wedding.

Another problem with marriage counseling is that it unnecessarily demands that both parties get in touch with their feelings.

ThearpyUnfortunately, marriage counselors sometimes advise spouses to separate into individual sessions when they really want to work on their marriage. But individual counseling is NOT a prerequisite for marital work!

Our society has become very consumer oriented. Unfortunately, this consumer mentality has seeped into marriage counseling. But deciding about your marriage is NOT akin to a purchasing decision. Relationships and family values do NOT lend themselves to charts listing pros and cons. That would be like trying to grasp an idea with your hand; it’s the wrong approach. And it won’t work.

The other thing worth noting about this cost-benefit approach which is typical amongst “neutral” therapists (by now you can see that they’re not really neutral) is that it “favors” the more self-oriented spouse. But in a troubled marriage, it’s that selfishness that needs to be tamed not freed.

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